Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What a Colorful Life

its been almost 4 months i have stayed in shah alam as a uitm's post graduate student. and the life was very chaotic and hectic. i think i never spend so much time studying during my diploma and degree level compared to master level. it was so tiring. i just finish my final exam last sunday but the class for short semester have started. i'm taking 2 subjects for the short sem which will be finish it within 5 weeks. all things are compress and all us of stuck in the middle. but i think we have a great time although we have to suffer to finish all the works in the time given. since diploma and degree i never got exam fever, but because lack of sleep i've got flue. huhu....

thanks to all my friends that have been supporting me through all the hard time, sharing the sadness and great time together. hope our friendship will last forever.