Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Salam semua, today me and my group participate in a competition called Invention, Innovation & Design . the event held at UiTM S.Alam from 12-14 October 2010. Our product called Fraud Saver which will help Forensic Accountant in doing their investigation to prevent fraud. the product is actually based on financial analysis which we just change the name. hahaha..... but occay laaa.

right now i'm still at the gallery where the competition take place. Galeri Inovasi & Kreativiti, situated right in front of PTAR 1. The participants came from all over UiTM's branches. Our booth surrounded with participants from fashion designer background, UiTM Sri Iskandar to be specific. And our group is the only one representing the accounting faculty for today.

involving in this competition giving us new things although sebenarnya kena paksa dgn Prof. Normah. our group members are, Dalila(leader), Muthyaah, Poknik and me. its almost 2pm right now. we still waiting for the last judge to take a look at our product. lambatnya.......

sumer klas utk minggu ni dibatalkan, yeay !!!!! tapi confirm nextweek mesti kena ganti and padat dgn presentations and assignments. adoiiii.....

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