Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Twilight's Saga

It almost 1 month since my last entry, huhuhu..... equal to my bored life staying at home, unemployed. To fill my time, I read the Twilight's Saga. Just finished the final book yesterday, Breaking Dawn. Among all the books, it was the thickest. I dont count how many days I took to finish it. A happy ending story, the way I like.hehehe...... In this book Bella has transformed into vampire and had a child with Edward. And Jacob fall in love with the child, Nessie. A little bit funny.

The Twilight's Saga consist of 4 sequels which are Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. The final 3, I borrowed from Marhamah, TQVM b'coz I dont have budget to buy them. hehehe.... Lucky me b'coz my friend bought them. In this 3rd saga, its all about jealousy between Jocab and Edward with Bella and a little bit about Victoria's revenged towards Bella.

In the 2nd saga, New Moon, Bella has been told by Jacob that he is a Werewolf and the start of relationship between them. This book tell the story of the warewolf's pack and the family involved. The story of Bella and Edward is very sad this time. Edward left Bella.... At 1st I was shocked when I saw the movie's preview, thats why I'm very excited to read it.

The 1st book and the only one that I bought. At the time I bought this book i didnt know that it will become a hit and will be a movie about it. I just like the synopsis of the storybook and ofcoz the cover is very beautiful. After a while, I saw the movie preview, I was very happy about it. It took me very long time to watch the movie b'coz I have read the book. I just watched the movie last month, b'coz I have borrowed New Moon and I've dont really remember exactly the flow of the story. After that I just keep reading the other 3 books within 1 month. huhuhu.... Quite remarkable for me. I'm very thrill to watch the other 3 movies, and New Moon will be at cinema in November. lambat lagi laaaaa....
p/s: saja je tulis entry kali ni in english. pakai hentam je tu, grammar lintang-pukang. hahaha