Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Upgrading My Corner


yesterday was my 1st class as a postgraduate student and it was occay laaa. but i've already have an assignment n will be presenting it nextweek. very the fast maaa. the weather was very hot and i have to walk form outside intekma resort to block 8. and it was 4 hours class. huhuu..... and the prof.just attended the class just for half n hour. after i've got back from the class, my head felt gonna to explode (mcm pelik je bunyi ayat ni, hentam je la) bcoz of my flu. last night i've a nice sleep bcoz of pereton and ubat batuk. hehehe.....

and today i've asked cik gayah to go shopping at mydin. and i've got myself a shelf and tilam kekabu and others barang dapur. mekasih eks cik gayah.

this is the shelf that i've to build it myself.... and i've did it very well (cewah puji diri sendiri ni). within 50 minutes i've finished build the shelf. kuikui.... occay la for 1st timer.

tiba2 blog ni jadi dairi aku la plak......hehehe. my corner have changed, by adding a shelf and i've put tilam kekabu under my bed. akhirnya aku dapat tidur dengan nyenyak without hurting my back. before this terasa kayu jer tido, baik tido atas lantai. lagi best.

my new corner. hehe........


  1. hai..noona..seng je pasng almari tu..xsush pn..just difficult je ckit..hehe

  2. eéleh, 1stime occay. mesti laaa lambat