Monday, July 5, 2010

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now i have a new life, and it is outside my beloved state kelantan. its gonna be a little bit difficult for me to adjust myself right here at shah alam. i always said that i dont like to stay outside qlate specially KL. but now, here i am. even though its not KL, but it so close to shah gambar aku kat gua musang ondaway nk g s.alam, huhu.....sempat lagi posing ngan monalisa abah.

not so many knows that i'm furthering my study. just those who close to me n people at KTD know about this. people wondering if i can survive here. insya'allah may Allah will always guide me. i'm staying at seksyen 4 with other 12 uitm's students. hopefully they will be nice to me bcoz i'm the only master student in this house.
gonna to cont writing another time.... this broadband is very the slow. huhuhu...nk upload gmbr punya la lama. adiossss, see u in the next post. ada ke org baca blog ni??? opppssss.... this is the bed for this semester..... besar sebenarnya bilik ni tapi katil aku kat corner. ala2 aku duk sorg je la kat corner ni

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