Monday, August 3, 2009

My new job

Ada tokoh nk jd ibu tak? this is not my new job occay....wat suspen jer. this is elisya tp bkn anak erra, hahaha. best elisya tido atas riba aku. comfort tu. one of my good friend, azifa has becoming a mother at 1 jun if Im not mistaken to nurelisya qaisara also if Im not mistaken la. mmg cute baby girl ni.

starting 29 july I have been excepted to KTD (kolej teknologi darulnaim) as a contract lecture for 1 year. Im going to teach 4 subject, introduction to accounting, audit, UBS software and also prinsip akaun. it a little bit nevous for to teach something that I not really expert although I've been studying accounting for almost 6years.

All things came at the same time, offer from KTD, then SPA's exam for PTD position this weekend n I also apply for position in RISDA. there are a lot of thing to do. study account n audit for lecture then study for SPA's exam. tomorrow i'll be attending a workshop at UTM KL for updating my subject's silibus and my flight is tonight. going to be back at KB on wednesday.... biler nk study ni????

that's why i'm a bit tense this week. tp sempat lg tu tulis blog,sbb kat bilik pensyarah ni dah sunyi. majority lecturers ada dh yg g KL. so, apa lg, harus la aku tulis sket ttg kerja baru ni. even though there are a lot of thing to study. why I'm so tensed??? coz thinking of all those subjects that I've to teach. whether my student will understand or not my lecture. tension nyerrrr.... but last nite I'm lucky b'coz 1 of my fren have send me a motivation clip to boost up my guts. then a fren of mine who also my senior, studying ACCA right now helping me with accounting concept last nite when I've already confiused to simplify the concept in malay. tenang kejap.

I just try to relax a little bit today b'coz I'm fasting. I dont want to get sleeping so better for me to write.

zuhyr is soooo sweet in this pict. hehe..... so cute. n sofea a little bit shy.both are zayyani's children. very hyperactive at azifa's house n they are also friendly. tapi ada cacat sket gambar ni, frust betul. mcm mana zafirah ambik gmbr ni????

oklah,I have to stop now. I need to study a little bit since my YM status is "study" right now. hehehe.....

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